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Looking for custom cabinetry or furniture? See how we can help in 4 easy steps below!

What We Do

  • We help design your ideal wall unit by understanding your needs.

  • Our locally crafted furniture in Massachusetts offers various cabinet design options.

  • Choose from lacquers, paints, and stains for finishing.

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  • We provide home installation for a personalized touch.

  • Proudly specializing in creating efficient custom living spaces.

Custom in 4 steps

Hand drawn sketch of two bookcase hutches on either side of a fireplace.


Thoughts & Ideas

Our process starts with you, whether you're an architect, interior designer, contractor, builder, or homeowner.

We ask the right questions to understand your ideas, address your needs, and meet your preferences.

To begin, share rough dimensions (width, height, depth) and style preferences with inspiration pictures or a simple sketch.

Photo of person using a calculator.

step two

Pricing & Planning

Once we have the rough idea of what you are looking for we will send you a quote with pricing and details of the build. We honor our quotes for up to 3 months.

Our builders like this transparency with everyone involved to give a solid sense of lead times and budget.

We will go over the materials used for the project and their cost whether it be birch, maple, oak, or cherry.

CAD of two stepback bookcase hutches on either side of the fireplace.

Step three

Design & Perfect

Imagination can only take you so far. Once an order has been placed we provide 3D renderings to scale to help the rest of the way. At this point we will modify the design until it's perfect and everything you dreamed of.

We base our construction and build off the approved and final CAD/3D digital rendering so rest assured you'll get exactly what you envisioned.

For the more complex built-ins we may require a site visit to measure twice and cut once and will coordinate with you accordingly.

Two step back bookcase hutches built in birch painted white with doors and base molding on either side of a fireplace in someone's home.

Step four

Delivery & Installation

Since all of our pieces are built and finished at the same facility, coordinating delivery of all components in sync with the other contractors is commonly straightforward and smooth, often times saving valuable project time.

All of our projects are fully constructed so if delivery is all you require then your order is complete! 

For those that do require installation you can expect the project to be completed directly with an installer on site along with all the finish work.