Our story is about careful, organic growth, born from the relationships we’ve built as one of Boston’s most beloved furniture retailers

Our Massachusetts furniture store’s story is one of careful, organic growth, born out of the relationships we’ve built over time, as one of Boston’s most beloved furniture retailers

       In three decades, we’ve grown from a niche for unfinished shelving cubes (think LP/album crates for collegiate music buffs) to the go-to furniture store for Boston regional homeowners who place high quality and great value atop of their furniture features list.

       We don’t say “discount furniture” because consumers associate that term with lower quality.  But we do say “affordable furniture” to describe our finished, custom, or unfinished items for home and office. Our wide-ranging products are among the best in Massachusetts, and can therefore be considered a great value. Because of its durability, our long-lasting, sturdy furniture is something you and your family can enjoy for a lifetime. . .and even pass to the next generation.

One pine double cube and three pine single cubes, shown unfinished.

Three unfinished pine bookcases, shown with two, four, and six shelves.

Humble Beginnings

The humble beginnings of our furniture store

      Bostonwood began as a small unfinished furniture store in Allston in the mid-1980s. We built and sold pine storage crates to display vinyl records for students at BU, Northeastern University, BC, Emerson, Berklee, Simmons, and others. But even back then, our high quality furniture always outlasted the students’ stay in town. 

Moving into a full line

Moving forward into a full line of furniture

     As our brand and reputation grew, we began providing slightly customized versions of our record shelving cubes. We produced double and triple-sized storage shelves with slightly modified dimensions . . . which naturally morphed into wooden bookcases. Soon, we added doors, and by doing so, cabinets became part of our roster of finished, unfinished, and custom furniture.

     By 1987, we offered a full line of pine furniture from custom wall bookshelves and dressers to benches with storage, nightstands, side tables, multi-purpose shelving units, and much more.

Dresser shown with four large drawers and four small drawers.

Custom cabinet unit built with three small drawers and three cabinet doors.

Hardwood furniture expansion

     In  the early 2000s, we opened a second retail store location in Watertown, MA.  This expansion led us to incorporate furniture needs for new demographics:  serving the home furnishing needs of young families, suburban adults, home improvement contractors, and interior designers.

     With this change came demands to utilize other materials. As our clients’ expectations for greater quality and aesthetic rose, we began making hardwood furniture with sustainable hardwoods like oak, maple, cherry, and birch.

Meeting demand for unfinished, finished, and custom furniture made in the U.S.A.

Meeting demands for custom furniture 

made in the U.S.A.

     In the mid-2000s, we expanded again. First, we increased (and maintained) a larger inventory of both unfinished and finished furniture by partnering with several high-quality furniture makers.  To this day, we still only partner with American manufacturers, thus broadening our offering without compromising on quality or ethics. Then, we opened up our Bedford, MA furniture store in 2010, bringing our affordable furniture to a new part of the Greater Boston area.

     Our Bostonwood Furniture goal is to open additional retail stores in other convenient locations throughout the Boston area and Massachusetts. We’re proud to be a well-loved retailer since the 1980s, meeting the needs of New Englanders for good value in home furniture. And, we look forward to serving you too!

Custom bookshelf built with adjustable shelving, two drawers, and two cabinets.

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