Wall Units

Full wall unit with cabinets on bottom row and adjustable shelving above. Shown in white finish.

Wall units are built for a variety of purposes:

-  house books and collectibles in your home library or office

-  frame your fireplace perfectly

-  provide a practical and beautiful location for entertainment needs

-  provide workspace and storage

-  display fine dishware in your dining room

Custom-Made Wall Units: Functionality to Go

Custom Made Wall Units: Functionality to Go

Our selections can be installed safely and permanently in your home or designed as a freestanding piece that relocates in your home or even travels with you!  Either way, we build to suit your taste and requirements.

How to Begin

We only require rough dimensions -- width, height, and depth, coupled with your initial design ideas. 

Then the fun begins!  We'll ask many questions to help us understand your vison:

  • What features? (Drawers, doors, glass panel, etc.)
  • What style most appeals to you? Inspirational photos can help.
  • Do you prefer stained or painted finish?
  • Will the wall unit be built-in or freestanding?

Your takeaway from this fact-finding session is a glimpse of how our designers' thoughtfulness, knowledge, and expertise go into every one of our projects.

Our portfolio allows you to peruse many styles and finishes.  Together, we tweak them to become your own personal design.

There's no limit to your imagination . . . and no obstacle to our craft and skill.

Custom wall unit with cabinets on bottom, adjustable shelving on side pieces, and space for TV in middle section.

Berkshire 3 as 1 TV entertainment wall unit in White 

Wall Unit for Your Home

Are you certain you want a wall unit, but not quite sure what style best suits your home and lifestyle?  We have a few ideas to consider: 


These products are not only stunning, but they are functional. . . the perfect place for your TV, components, and everything you require for viewing pleasure. 

Living Rooms

Specially designed to fit the room's character, we carefully consider a perfect color to match for other furniture.


Add a traditional look and feel by creating ideal housing for your treasured book collection. We design our bookcase wall units with an "as 1 look".  

Desk and Office

This unit is both pleasing and functional if you work from home or if you needa great space for children to do their homework.  It creates added storage or becomes a perfect place for book collections.


Create the perfect frame, allowing the fireplace to be the focal point and provide a place homey place for family photos.

Dining Room

Dining room wall units can be both decorative and functional enough to store plates, wine glasses, recipe books – whatever you wish!

Dining room wall units can be both decorative and used to store plates, wine glasses, recipe books – whatever you wish!

Custom wall unit with built in desks and cabinets on sides. Feature adjustable shelving.
Wall unit built to fit doorway and features cabinets and space for TV.
Custom wall unit with cabinets on bottom, and glass doors on cabinets built on the sides.

We can help you create the perfect wall unit for your family.   Contact us now to learn more.

View our Portfolio and get inspired