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Evergreen Cubes and Double Cubes

Evergreen Cubes and Double Cubes

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Cubes shown:

  • Single cube unfinished
  • Double cube unfinished

Evergreen cubes and double cubes are useful wherever flexible storage is needed. They are able to hold LPs, notebooks, over-sized books, cookbooks, baskets, dog toys etc. They are a fun and versatile way to organize any room. They are built from solid white pine.  The cubes are 14-1/4" wide and 14-1/4" high.  The double cubes are 14-1/4" wide 28-1/2" high.  They are both 11-1/4" deep.

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The lead time is 1 week.

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Notice: The lead times for this product are 3 - 5 weeks for unfinished and 8 - 10 weeks for finished.

Our furniture is available for delivery in the New England area including New York City.  We do not offer shipping.