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Evergreen Lingerie Chests

Evergreen Lingerie Chests

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Lingerie chests shown:

  • 5 drawers in Traditional Cherry
  • 5 drawers unfinished

It's so much easier to keep track of smaller clothing items when they don't swim or get lost in big drawers or aren't packed in with bigger clothing items. Plus, delicate items get less wrinkled and stretched.  The many drawers in this stunning pine lingerie chests makes for the perfect place to store special, daintier items. And, you'll find it so much easier to get dressed quickly when you've got a designated place like this wood chests -- 16-1/2"w 18"d --from which to snag undergarments, scarves, socks, and more in a hurry!

The lead times are 1 - 2 weeks if unfinished and 6 - 7 weeks if finished.

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